This year’s Barston Bowl saw the field reduced to 80 from the usual 100 in a bid to make sure everyone got a good peg.

The strategy worked with excellent and fair match fishing throughout, and all section winners, each of whom picked up £100, weighing in over 48lb. Winner on the day and picking up the beautiful silver Barston Bowl was Andy ‘Snowy’ Ashton. ndy drew peg 20, the same peg he won last year’s Barston Christmas Match from, to put just over 78lb on the scales, a year after his son Danny won the trophy. There was a bit of drama after the match and originally Tim Bull thought he’d won with his 71lb 2oz from peg 32. However, a recount of Andy’s weigh in confirmed him as the 2012 winner.
Section A Les Wilkinson peg 2, 48.8lbB Andy ‘Snowy’ Ashington peg 20, 78.02lb ‘Winner’C Tim Bull peg 32, 71,2lbD Bob Pool peg 53, 55.8lbE Paul Ward peg 67 54lbF Dave Swain peg 93, 66lbG Neil Carless peg 111, 62.14lbH Maurice Williams peg 121, 69lb