For years, the Quantum Specialist range has included first-class Yuwaku wobblers but a genuine jerkbait has been missing.

So the developers were happy to finally satisfy the demands of the test anglers. Principal test anglers for specimen pike, Frederik Harbort and Lars Vormelker, had always been particularly vociferous in demanding such a lure.

The Spooky Jerk represents a 100% new product. An absolutely extraordinary jerkbait! The perfect retrieve properties and phenomenal designs make the Spooky Jerk unique and frighteningly attractive. All colour designs are hauntingly UV-active, to grab the attention of predators. Even beginners can use this lure with effortless ease and quickly enjoy success. A must for every lure box both in floating and slow-sinking variants.

Key factors:

• Outstanding action, without compare
• Innovative and extremely attractive designs 
• Ultra-sharp VMC trebles
• Two different sinking properties available (floating + slow sinking)
• Length: 16cm / Weight: 88g in the floating version, 92g in the sinking version