In the Rhino Baitholders, there is now a natural bait trolling system on the market that proved an instant hit. The range comprises natural bait heads in two sizes and ten colours.

The fit is based upon real fish! It is the combination of accuracy and alluring bait action that makes this system so exceptionally attractive and easy to use. Tiresome adjustment of the leader and hook positions in the baitfish are eliminated. 

The large head has been tailor-made for herring and the smaller model for roach and similar species. Using both heads allows a broad range of various deadbaits (10 to 28 cm in length) to be tantalisingly brought to bear.

When it came to selecting colours, we called upon both the tried and trusted Rhino colours as well as recommendations from experience with existing natural bait systems.
Ideal bait sizes:Rhino Baitholder “Medium”: e.g. roach of 10-13 cm in lengthRhino Baitholder “Large”: e.g. herring of 18-23 cm in length

Frerk Petersen, Director Europe Marketing & Product Development for Zebco Europe, is himself an experienced trolling angler and was immediately impressed with the Rhino Baitholders: “The good thing for me was that I could use the heads developed by Michael Kampmann without even looking. All other head systems I am aware of always need adjustment work and experience in handling them. That is far from the case with the Rhino Baitholders. The first time I tried one myself, I pushed a herring into the head, hung it in the water and it immediately rotated nice and slowly, just as it should.
They are almost foolproof. They also worked at normal trolling speeds, so the Rhino Baitholders can be fished together with trolling spoons without a problem. Finally, I like that you can also offer large deadbaits with these heads. That is highly interesting for freshwater trolling – I am 100% confident that the Baitholders will also be a huge hit for pike and zander – perhaps far better than a spinner and wobbler…”

Rhino Baitholders are available now.