Picture: Qualifiers for Boddington Final

The Angling Trust and Canal and River Trust Stillwater Championships made its way once more to the prolific Boddington Reservoir. Strong winds and heavy rains greeted the 31 hardened anglers that had made their way from around the country to the Daventry fishery.

Outright winner on the day was Mark Morris who Drew peg 91. Although already qualified Mark was honing his tactics for final, this consisted mainly of method feeder at range and he managed to amass an impressive 73.66kg in the five hours.

Running him ever so close was Daniel Cross just four pegs away on number 95. Daniel was just 460g or a 1lb in old money away from winning with 73.20kg.

Finishing third on slightly different tactics was Anthony Johnson with Deeping St James AC. Anthony fished at shorter ranges and elected for bomb and pellet approach at 35 yards to pick up carp to 6kg.

With fish coming to all tactics from pellet waggler to method feeder it really looks like we’re in for a varied final on Sunday the 6th of August. Thanks once more to CRT volunteers Dick and Shelia Pilkington for running the day.

Overall Placings;

1. Mark Morris, peg 91, 73.66 kg
2. Daniel Cross,peg 95 73.20 kg
3. Anthony Johnson, peg 98 65.02 kg

Qualifiers by section;

Section A
Ashley Smith, peg 60 ,32.10 kg
Paul Knapman, peg 63, 19.12 kg

Section B
Paul Cooke, peg 75, 42.74 kg
Malcom Bond, peg 73, 41.66 kg

Section C
Andrew Ashington, peg 79, 47.50 kg
Richard Beckwith, peg 84, 42.70 kg

Section D
Adam Rose, peg 88, 59.04 kg
Glen Maxwell, peg 92, 58.84 kg

Section E
Daniel Cross, peg 95, 73.20 kg
Anthony Johnson, peg 98, 65.02 kg