Bewdley Angling Festival, River Severn, Bewdley


THE first ever three day Bewdley Angling Festival on the River Severn was voted an overwhelming success by the eighty anglers who competed in the event.

The festival was fished on the Kidderminster and District match length between Hawksbatch and Winterdyne.

Conditions for the event were far from ideal, with a low, clear river and bright sunshine. However, many good weights were recorded.

The usual barbel and chub played a part in catches but as the week progressed many competitors went in search of bleak, perch and eels with whip, pole and waggler approaches.

Day One saw John Stockton in pole position at peg 29 on the Hawksbatch section. Swimfeeder and maggot fished mid river brought John nine barbel plus a lot of small chub and eels for a 37.5.0 total. In second place was Dave Harrell with 24.4.0 from peg 98 on the Winterdyne section.

Dave’s catch was made up of small barbel and chub taken on both feeder and waggler. Third was Mark Beard with 24.0.0 of barbel on the feeder from peg 11.

Day Two saw Dave Harrell in action at peg 29 and swimfeeder and maggots brought him a 27.9.0 return of chub, eels and three small barbel. In second position was Dave Foxall at peg 33 with 18.10.0 of barbel but catch of the match was Phil Jackson’s 17.10.0 of bleak and small dace from peg 117 on a four metre whip.

Day Three saw Keith Russell victorious at peg 95 on Winterdyne with 28.6.0 of barbel, all taken in the last two hours of the match fishing well across the river with feeder and maggot. In second spot was Dave Lloyd at peg 102 in the gulley with 21.12.0 of barbel taken on straight legered meat. Man of the day was Italian competitor Mario Molinari with 15.12.0 of whip caught bleak and small dace at peg 112.

The last day saw bad draws for frontrunners John Stockton and Dave Harrell. John’s stick float caught 9.7.0 of perch and roach at peg 87 got him the verdict over Dave by the slenderist of margins, pushing Dave into second spot by a mere 1.5.0 and winning John a total of £2,250, a crystal trophy and an MAP feeder rod.

Dave’s second spot brought a consolation in the form of £1,450, a crystal trophy and rod and in third spot winning £1,150, a crystal trophy and rod was Mark Beard.




1st J.Stockton (peg 29) 37.5.0

2nd D.Harrell  (peg 98) 24.4.0

3rd M.Beard    (peg 11) 24.0.0

4th S.Maher    (peg 14) 23.3.0

5th M.Woolams  (peg 15) 22.10.0

6th K.Maddox   (peg 31) 21.1.0



1ST D.Harrell   (peg 29)   27.9.0

2nd D.Foxall    (peg 33)   18.10.0

3rd P.Jackson   (peg 117)  17.10.0

4th D.Wright    (peg 98)   17.6.0

5th J.Wiltshire (peg 58)   12.4.0

6th J.Williams  (peg 114)  11.11.0



1ST K.Russell    (peg 95)  28.6.0

2nd D.Lloyd      (peg 102) 21.12.0

3rd I.Billingham (peg 34)  16.15.0

4th M.Molinari   (peg 112) 15.12.0

5th S.Maher      (peg 11)  14.10.0

6th N.Burrage    (peg 98)  14.7.0




1st J.Stockton  57.2.0

2nd D.Harrell   55.13.0

3rd M.Beard     42.8.0

4th S.Maher     42.6.0

5th N.Burrage   41.12.0



1 J.Stockton 28pts


2 M.Beard    26pts (42.8.0)
3 P.Jackson  26pts (38.0.0)