Storm is a steadily building and innovative brand in lure fishing circles and their latest launch, the 360GT Searchbait, is being billed as a kind of Martini of lures – ‘any time, and place, anywhere’. Or maybe that should be ‘any venue, any depth, any fish’. It’s designed to be ‘the ultimate’ confidence lure and that ‘go to’ lure for any fishing situation in either fresh or saltwater.

“The concept for this bait is that you can use it anywhere, anytime,” says Storm brand director Chris Beldon. “It works via a simple cast and retrieve and produces a wild kicking, side-to-side action as well as a rolling body. You can take it to any water – even one where you don’t know what species are there – and have success.”

It is available in three sizes – 3½, 4½ and 5½ inch sizes, with 17 colour variations per size. The 4½ and 5½ in sizes are also available as a weedless option. Every component, other than the VMC coastal black hook, is made in-house in Storm’s Batam, Indonesia, facility. Each package includes one jig head rigged on one body, and two additional bodies and with Storm benefitting from Rapala’s global network, they are likely to be available almost everywhere.

The ABS moulded jighead is made to such high-quality standards that it could almost be the front of a specifically made hard lure, while the soft, PVC body with its boot tail is very durable and providing and attractive rolling, action that creates maximum ‘flash’ and that you would associated with a distressed minor trying to escape. The lure effectively fished itself and can be used effectively by almost anyone of any ability.

“We could almost compare the 360GT with hybrid lures, the strength and quality of the two components is that good,” says Chris.




• VMC coastal black hook
• Soft PVC body and big boot tail design
• Kicks wildly and rolls side-to-side like a distressed minnow trying to escape
• Life-like rattling jig head and body matched to perfection
• 60-degree angle keeps the lure at the perfect angle
• Easy to rig with entrance and exit holes indicated on lure body

How to rig the Storm 360GT Searchbait