Mirage XP is a breakthrough monofilament line which boasts features you would expect in a carp mainline including low diameter, high breaking strain and good abrasions resistance, but with the added magic of Mimicry 3D camo technology.

The technology is something that can only be incorporated into very high qualifty coopolymer according the ProLogic boffins, who say that with the Mimicry pattern the line’s profile is totally absorbed into its surroundings and cloaked from the vision of any targeted fish.

“This can only be achieved by mixing four natural shades and colours and by being applied to the line in a totally random manner, therefore fusing the natural light spectrum and eliminating the outline or presence, of an outside edge,” says Pro Logic.

There are three different blends of Mimicry 3D camo mainline – a ‘whiter’ Water Ghost range and a orangy/yellow ‘Visual blend, all of them with coming on 1000m spools from 0.25mm (11lb) to 0.38mm (25lb), plus accompanying range of camo hooklengths.

Video: https://youtu.be/FWdmYzNZ_nY

More: http://www.prologicfishing.com/product-category/lines/mimicry-3d/
1000m 11lbs 5.2kg 0.25mm Camo
1000m 13lbs 6.2kg 0.28mm Camo
1000m 15lbs 7.1kg 0.30mm Camo
1000m 18lbs 8.3kg 0.33mm Camo
1000m 21lbs 9.8kg 0.35mm Camo
1000m 25lbs 11.3kg 0.38mm Camo
1000m 29lbs 13.2kg 0.40mm Camo
1000m 33lbs 14.9kg 0.43mm Camo