Norwich angler Ken Fuller has banked the biggest roach from England in living memory and a fish just an ounce below the British record at 4lb 3oz.

The truly magnificent fish, reported in Angler’s Mail this week, came from Homersfield Lake in Suffolk, a water where roach seemed to have thrived on bait put in by carp and catfish anglers.

Ken, who has caught many roach over 2lb over the last few years from the syndicate water close to the village of Harleston, caught the historic fish by design, using mini boilies on a helicopter rig to avoid the hoards of small roach in the water.

The water has also recently produced a string of 3lb plus roach for Norwich angler Phil Spinks, who is also pictured in this week’s Angler’s Mail after banking roach of 3lb 2oz, 3lb 5oz, 3lb 6oz, 3lb 8oz 8dr, 3lb 10oz and 3lb 12oz.

The water had a spell of producing big roach in the 1980s and with no rudd in the water, there is little doubt that these are true roach of epic proportions and that the British record of 4lb 4oz, caught in Northern Ireland in 2006, is under severe threat.

Homersfield Lake has a long waiting list to get onto the syndicate, although you can fish it if you stay at the Kingfisher Holiday Lodge.