One of Japan’s top fishing line manufacturers has joined EFTTA’s campaign against line cheats.

Sunline, which was founded in 1977 and is a major supplier to its domestic market, has signed up to EFTTA’s Line Charter – a campaign designed to end the practice of wrongly labeled line packaging.

The company’s Hiroshi Togi said: “Sunline has always been uncompromising in its pursuit of the highest quality in fishing lines.

“It has led the industry in displaying line strength on all its products. We believe this is the least a manufacturer can do to be accountable to the consumer in terms of quality assurance. In practical terms, line strength is the single most important piece of information when selecting a product.

“Fishing professionals and enthusiasts in Japan have come to place their complete faith in our honesty, technological expertise and wide selection of quality lines.”

Sunline is based in Yamaguchi in the west of Japan and manufactures line for all types of fishing. It currently exports to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Togi believes that all line manufacturers should put their weight behind the Line Charter campaign. He said: “Most fishermen believe what they read on the label so if they pick up wrongly labeled products it creates mistrust.”