Hardy & Greys Academy member Mark Holmes has just banked a 50lb 6oz beauty. It is Mark’s sixth UK 50 plus and comes after a succession of good catches over the summer.

When asked about the details of the capture Mark said, “This carp is the 2nd 50lb plus I have had from Lakeview and represents a great pinnacle to my season. I have been fortunate enough this year to have the time to dedicate fishing Lakeview consistently.”
Contrary to popular belief the lake is fished by some very good anglers and therefore the carp are very tricky, especially now as they have got bigger. Mark went on, “after leaving the baited rig untouched for 48 hours, I was rewarded with a steady run on the last day. The carp fought very, very hard as do all Lakeview fish and when I finally landed it, I knew it must be close to 50lb. To say I was elated with the fish was an understatement.
The fish was Mark’s 6th UK Carp over 50lb which have come from four different counties. “I do like to target big carp but have long since realised that targeting individual carp is a very singular selective process. I mean would I be as pleased as I am with all of the 30’s I caught this year, if I were just targeting that one fish. Mark’s successful tactics were extremely slack lines with inline drop off leads fished with size 8 hooks. He was using Greys 2.75lb TC Torsion rods which easily handled the exertions of the beast.