In British Columbia fishing for steelhead is like a religion, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised there’s an underground fly fishing tattoo scene in Vancouver!

In this captivating episode from Wild On The Fly, available in September’s issue of ‘Game Fisher’s Diary’, we join a group of friends on a trek into the land of the native Nisga’a Indians in northwest ‘BC’.
And even though it’s late autumn (aka ‘The Fall’), Canada is dealing them deep mid-winter weather with temperatures below zero and snow and ice on the ground – not what you’d call ideal steelhead fare.
There’s an interesting contrast in American and British styles on the Bell Irving and Nass Rivers.

But the fishing is initially hard and the anglers are starting to wonder whether the water is simply too cold for their quarry, until their guide gives them the belief they need with the first fish of the trip… and as they all soon find out, nothing makes a sound quite as sweet as your singing reel when you hook a big ‘steely’.
A true adventure into the wilderness in search of unforgettable fishing and scenery…