The National Federation of Anglers, in conjunction with the fishing tackle industry, is launching an online tackle directory.

After surveying 1,500 tackle shops, over 500 shops said ‘yes’. Each outlet will be displaying a dispenser packed full of NFA Individual Membership forms on their counter, in return for a free listing on the NFA’s web site:

NFA Chief Executive Officer, Paul Baggaley, stated: “We have been delighted with the response from tackle shops across the country and the industry as a whole. The tackle trade is a vital part of the angling network and key to the development of the sport.”

Roy Marlow, consultant for Pure Fishing, responded by saying: “It is good to hear that the NFA is moving forward and working together with the industry. To succeed in today’s world any organization needs to look at the big picture and benefits must be for everyone. This is a step in the right direction.”

Sean O’Driscoll, publisher of Britain’s only monthly fishing and shooting trade publication, Tackle & Guns, followed up by saying: “Tackle & Guns is delighted that the NFA is looking to work closer with the tackle industry and any initiative that helps drive anglers into shops has to be welcomed.”

Anglers, and potential new customers, can click on to the new tackle directory at: and users, free of charge, can search the directory by name or town to find a tackle shop in their locality. Tackle shops, with their own Web Sites, are also linked to this comprehensive computer listing that can be downloaded at any time. This will be a huge advantage for anglers on holiday in different parts of the country and want to find a tackle shop close-by to where they intend to fish.  Not only can they obtain bait and tackle, but also glean invaluable local information on where to fish, buy day tickets and fill in an NFA individual membership form.

England Team Manager and Sensas agent, Mark Downes said: “It’s great to see the tackle trade and the NFA working together. We’ve got the best fisheries and the best anglers in the world. We all need to pull together and move forward.” 

NFA International Events Manager, Dick Clegg OBE, commented: “I fully support anything and everything that helps anglers, the NFA and the tackle industry.”

NFA Individual Membership is £10 per year.