Tacklepro.co.uk is a family run business offering sea fishing tackle at very competitive prices.


We offer leading products from Fladen, Penn, Mustad, Storm, Redgill, Fishtek and many more.


Our aim is to offer tackle for the beginner through to the most experienced boat and shore angler.


We offer all our products at excellent prices as our ethos is that the sport should be open the sport of fishing to everybody.


After running a charter boat on the south coast for a number of years, I know what’s required by the UK sea anglers, and we only sell what we know works and stands up to the job it is required for.


All the products sold on our web site have been tested and proved by anglers and myself on the boat and on the shore.




We have a larger selection of boat and shore rods, mainly from Fladen, Sweden. We have used the Fladen rods for many years and they never let you down.

We are now stocking the new Fladen Maxximus Solid Carbon boat rods, a one-piece solid carbon rod which is simply fantastic. These rods are so flexible and so sensitive they make fishing a real pleasure.

We use the 20lb class rods for all our boat fishing even when we are congering. The biggest caught on the 20lb class was 69-pounder out of Littlehampton and the rod stood up to the challenge with no problem. The Maxximus Rockfisher is pictured above. CLICK HERE




We sell a very wide range of reels both fixed spool and multipliers. We stock Fladen, Penn, Okuma and Storm.

All the reels are of the highest quality and at great prices. A favourite reel of mine is the Maxximus 444-777 which is a superb reel and very comfortable reel to use. We always sell a large amount of Penn and Fladen reels, which we advertise at excellent prices. The Maxximus 666 multiplier is pictured above. CLICK HERE



We only stock Mustad hooks. I found running the charter boat that Mustad hooks stood up to every challenge without fail. When you buy Mustad you know you are getting a superior hook which you can rely on time and time again. CLICK HERE




We have a massive selection of the best working lures on the market today. We stock Fladen, Redgill, Fishtek and Storm lures from bass fishing to wrecking. We guarantee we have a lure for every situation you will find yourself in at rock bottom prices. CLICK HERE


Tony Sparks, Tacklepro.co.uk