5 Match Series (Match 2)


1st Martin Paynter (Daventry AC) Peg 57 96lb 7oz 8dr      Pole/ Pellet & Maggot/ Carp

& Tench


2nd Pete Palmer (Dog Lane Fishery) Peg1 9 62lb 6oz 8dr   Pole/Paste & Worm/ Carp

& Bream


3rd Mark Skeggs (Northampton) Peg 10 39lb 5oz   Pole & Method/Pellet and Maggot


It was a red letter day for the venue regulars that returned to Dog Lane this week, their knowledge of the water and persistence paid off with no weight lower than 17lb 8oz being recorded.


Martin Paynter led the way right from the whistle at peg 57 and never looked back. Fishing at 3m for most of the match Martin had a steady stream of small carp falling to maggot or pellet. It wasn’t until the last hour that they backed off to 7m where he again caught steadily to the end, putting a brace of tench in the net for good measure. Martin’s final weigh in was 96lb 7oz 8dr and a new venue record. Well done!


Second place went to Pete Palmer on the opposite bank at peg19, who adopted similar tactics and put 62lb 6oz 8dr of small carp and three bream that managed to get a look in.


Third place was Mark Skeggs from Northampton who drew the dam wall peg10.

Alternating between pole and method Mark managed to keep his cool despite four of his pole sections going for an early bath, and weighed in 39lb 5oz of stockies and a skimmer bream. With help from Steve Lavelle the venue bailiff, who held him by his braces, Mark was able to recover his pole sections but it is rumoured adrenaline is brown!


The rest of the field all had double figures and will definitely return to see if they can beat the new venue record next week. The golden peg remains unclaimed and stands at £100.


The draw for next weeks match will be at the Kings Head Napton 9am and fishing from 10:30am to 3:30pm.

Contact Pete Palmer 07749 225 880