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River Carp Quest FREE TO VIEW

Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott is desperate to get a monkey off his back – he’s never caught a carp from a British river and as the Warwickshire Avon is full of them it’s sure to provide the answer.  As we all know stealth is the key to catching wary, wild carp… but tell that to the […]

Carp Drags Angler In! Free To View

Ever seen an angler getting dragged under the water by a carp he’s hooked? You will do if you watch the Carp News item in the latest issue of The Carp Channel. The un-named angler wades in to free a fish from a snag (not to be advised) but when the estimated 30lb carp comes […]

Bob James Stalking Carp WATCH FOR FREE

Bob James discusses his own very unique style of carp fishing in this made-for-TV programme which is free to view here on this website in the April/May issue of Carp Channel Monthly. His tactics are quite different to the norm, as he prefers to find the fish rather than let them find him.Our ace starts […]

Great Carp Video From Carp Channel Monthly

The April/May issue of the video magazine for carp anglers – ‘Carp Channel Monthly’ – is so packed with tips, advice and tackle for carp anglers the packaging is bursting. Top names in the issue, which is FREE TO VIEW here on this website, include Ian Chillcott, Ian Russell, Bob James, Dave Lane, Gary Lowe, […]