The Carp Channel brings you an exclusive insight into the trials and tribulations of big carp match fishing on huge waters, in this brand new episode of Chilly On Carp. 

We were able to shadow Team CarpWorld – a mighty trio comprising Lee Jackson, Tim Paisley and Ian Chillcott  –  in their assault on the World Carp Classic and in the first of three parts our heroes arrive at the 25,000 acre Lake Bolsena in Italy with high hopes. 
Unfortunately things don’t exactly get off to the best of starts when then draw a busy tourist ‘beach’, the camp owner tries to chuck them off, and Lee’s beloved bivvy gets ‘totaled’ by a mini tornado!

It’s FREE TO VIEW split into three parts in Issue 17 of The Carp Channel here on this site:


Other highlights of Carp Channel issue 17 include

Voice Above The Reeds
Frank Pizon’s stunningly shot and thoughtful reflective on his fishing campaign at a secluded French lake.

Carp Channel News
A new common carp world record, spotlight on Steve Briggs’ new book and a brilliant first catch from Cassien.

Line Aligner Perfection
Stu Cobb discusses the line aligner designed to act as a ‘kicker’ to flip the hook point into a fishes mouth.

Good Chod!
Top carper Adam Penning runs us through his variation on a Chod rig that he’s had an unbelievable amount of success with.

Zig Rig Maker Style
Zig master Tom Maker gives Chilly the low down on a zig rig set up that he’s been smashing it up with.

The Jeremy Wade Interview
First of a new series of exclusive interviews with the presenter of River Monsters.

Stiff Link Pop-Up
We gatecrash Ian Chillcott’s springtime campaign to find out about the set-up he’s been using to catch UK fish to nearly 40lb.

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