Join Nash consultant and fishery owner Rich Wilby as he spends a day on his own Mustang Lake in deepest Norfolk, giving some useful hints and tips to help you get success on what can be a tricky and frustrating challenge on some day ticket waters.

It’s a venue with a great head of fish, but you have to get your baiting and rigs right and in this 12-minute programme from Nash TV, Rich runs through exactly how he approaches waters like this in a day session to guarantee success… including taking into account adverse weather and pressure conditions.

Rich has to ‘make it happen’ with some plain old hard work, but it’s not long before the Mustang fish respond and he has some beautiful carp in the net… including a double header!

You can watch it online, on i-phones and on i-pads right here on this website by clicking the link below, and now also on Samsung Smart TVs.


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