There’s no doubt about it, PVA has transformed big fish angling.
It allows you to create small parcels of feed around your hook bait, at range if required, often hiding your rig and giving the fish just one proper meal to home in on – the one with your hook attached.

And as ‘Carp Coach’ Ian Russell reveals in this episode, which is free to view here on this website in the April/May issue of Carp Channel Monthly, there are all manner of uses to suit every situation and time of year. If you want to know how to use PVA, this episode is a ‘must see’.
Ian uses a fish tank to show how the various sorts of PVA mesh, PVA solid bags and PVA tape perform when under the water, and reveal what the fish are faced with when the PVA has ‘done its thing’ and melted.
Micro mesh and maggots, mesh bags and stick mix, tape and boilies, solid bags and liquid oily flavours and using PVA nuggets to keep your hook bait clear of weed and silt are all covered in depth, and all the while Ian is passing on tips to ensure you get the most from your PVA.
This is a fascinating show full of information and with some eye-opening underwater footage that any big fish angler will want to see.

Split into two parts, it’s free to view here on this website in the April/May issue of Carp Channel Monthly online, on smart phones, on tablets like i-pads and coming soon to smart TV.
Just click on the link below to get going, and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist…

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