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Silverlite Duo Float

Benwick Sports is the best retailer for specialist floats that I know – in some ways in this carp dominated world I see them as helping to keep the world of specialist float making alive and kicking in the UK. They have several new additions to their extensive range of wagglers under the Silverlite banner […]

Bag-Up ‘BOBBA’

Whether or not you are a fan of the bagging waggler, there’s little doubt these Bag-Up Bobbas from Feeders Direct are going to be effective. The key is that the design means that there’s no chance of the float and therefore the hook bait diving beneath the fish as it hits the water, which is […]

The Dino Float Range

I first met Hungarian float maker Dino at a World Championships a few years back. We talked a lot and indeed I ended up stocking some of his floats in the Total-Fishing.com shop. DINO FLOATS OFFER I think it’s fair to say that then he specialised in pole floats and wagglers for natural waters, although […]

DJK Float Range

Dick Clegg has joined forces with Kevin and Jim Leach to bring a new range of pole floats to the market manufactured from super-tough materials and all aimed directly at the angler who targets commercial fisheries. The range from Barnsley (England) based DJK uses what Dick describes as an ‘almost indestructible, space-age foam body material’ […]

Floats For All Seasons

Unless you’re an angler who has been stuck on a desert island for the past 30 years you will probably be familiar with the name Dave Harrell. If you have been stuck on that island, allow me to bring you up to date. Dave’s a former England international who has won hundreds of big competitions […]