Benwick Sports is the best retailer for specialist floats that I know – in some ways in this carp dominated world I see them as helping to keep the world of specialist float making alive and kicking in the UK.

They have several new additions to their extensive range of wagglers under the Silverlite banner and this, the Silverlite Duo, is just one that catches my eye.

This is a unique float to me, coming as it does with two sarkandas stems which screw into the weighted base.

One is a single piece of sarkandas ending in bristle of the same diameter – ideal when there is some tow and you need to drag on to slow the float down. The second has a plastic fitting which allows you to change tip choice between a single long nylon insert (giving you much more sensitivity); a shorter, thick, high viz hollow insert for when visibility is difficult or it’s choppy or you are fishing at extreme range; and an extending insert with a thin arm and a medium hi viz bristle, which is ideal when sensitivity and visibility in trick conditions are both required, especially when lift bite fishing for skimmers.

The float has a squeezed base eye to help with slider fishing and four removable brass discs at the base so you can vary how much weight you have down the line.

All the Silverlite floats are made in Europe where slider fishing in particular is still regularly used on natural waters and they are exclusive in the UK to Benwick Sports.

They are, to my eye, floats that make you want to go bream fishing.

All the insert wagglers can be fitted with a wide range of tips to suit conditions, tow and distance and these tips can be found on the Benwick Sports website by searching for ‘Benwick Silverlite Waggler Tips’.

Call Adrian at Benwick Sports if you need any more information on any of the range, tel 01353 721009.


Fact File
Product: Silverlite Duo Waggler
Price: £6.99 each
Sizes: 4gr, 6gr, 8gr, 10gr and 12gr

Silverlite Duo waggler