The American Carp Society announced today that Austin has been selected as the site for the first ACS Texas Carp Challenge (TCC) March 26-31,2006. 
One lucky angler has the chance to win an astounding $250,000 cash prize should the new Texas state record for cyprinus carpio be established at the competition. Town Lake yielded the current record of 41lb 8oz in March 2005 according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. 
The coveted “Big Four” bonus cash prize of $25,000 could be awarded to the participant who brings in the four largest fish with a total weight grander than 130 pounds combined during the event. 
“These prizes are unprecedented in carp angling,” says David Moore, tournament coordinator and a director of the American Carp Society. 
“As we see the sport of catch and release carp angling gaining momentum in the United States, tournaments and the prizes will undoubtedly grow larger.
“Carp angling is widely accepted in many other countries around the world, so it is certain this tournament will see some international anglers as well,” continues Moore
“We expect a good number of talented and acclaimed carp anglers to compete.”
 The six-day tournament will be headquartered in Austin. Registered anglers will randomly draw to determine the order in which they proceed to their chosen area to fish within a seventy-five mile radius of Austin, the Greater Travis County and lower Colorado River region. 
The 120 hour endurance and skill competition commences on March 26 and ends on March 31. A number of cash and tackle prizes will be awarded throughout the tournament and at an awards ceremony in Austin.
For Texas Carp Challenge registration information, call 918-289-6774 or visit the American Carp Society website at  The American Carp Society provides a broad array of services which include carp tackle and equipment e-store, educational materials and publications, regional and national tournaments and contests. ACS is dedicated to the sport of catch and release carp fishing and promotes the conservation of the species.