North West Bradshaw Hall Fishery Match Report


By Mikey J


Right then….where on earth do I start?


The morning of the 12th had finally arrived. I didn’t know whether I was nervous, excited or maybe both…but one thing for sure was my stomach felt as though it was churning faster than our tumble drier, good old butterflies!


I arrived at the venue, to find the long haired fairy Darren (BWFC) awaiting my arrival. We then took a stroll around the lake to decide on which pegs we should put in (obviously dependent upon the turn out). The fact that Bradshaw’s were too incompetent to put pegs numbers in made it hard though, but we just about managed!


The time of the draw had soon crept upon us 9.45. Only 16 people had arrived from a list of 30+ which had at one point peaked at 40! But due to a surge of drop outs this number had decreased significantly. Anyway we commenced the draw, most people had there fingers crossed for drawing the stick ups, however every peg was in with a shout of winning. As all this was going on the group of six ringers arrived (The St Anthony Bagging Brigade). This thankfully took our tally to 21 numpties and a dwarf.


Everyone was off to their peg to tackle up, but seeing as I was the last to draw, I was also the last to my peg, despite having a helper to carry all my gear (Chaz Lol). Once I was set up it gave me chance to have a talk with a few more people and to put a few more names to faces, may I just say what an ugly bunch… I mean nice lot of blokes you are. Charlotte even commented on how she was surprised that you weren’t all fat!


As I wasn’t armored with a whistle to blow or a deep manly voice to shout the “ALL IN”, I shoved four of my stumpy fingers in my mouth and blew as hard as I could. This seemed to do the trick as everyone started shipping out. Or perhaps you’re all just a bunch of cheating sods, who knows?


The match was up and running. In the distance C Gorrel seemed to be catching from the off, fishing up in the water on the stick ups. I couldn’t quite see Darren but he had drawn an absolute flier…. I was positive that any decent angler would bag up off his peg. It just goes to show how wrong you can be at times ;-). On the opposite side of the bank was Stevie B with his stretchy Fox elastic, I’ts about time you bought some Hydro! I myself had managed to lose three carp and land two in the first 15 minutes… way to go MJ.


For some strange reason some people brought pets along. ‘cookoo’… and ‘Meeooooow…’ were heard repeatedly throughout the match. I was dieing to add a bark… but once again my squeaky voice got the better of me and convinced me not to show myself up anymore than I had.  


My catch rate had become very patchy with fish few and far between. I began to blame Chaz as I always do. The last straw was when she’d been leaning across me for about 20 minutes catching tadpoles and little frogs and putting the poor things in a plastic bottle, and then out came the remark “Im catching more than you”.  C Gorrel seemed to have a fish on every time I looked over, soul-destroying stuff! Sadly I couldn’t see the likes of Darren’s Twin, P Richmond bagging away, but he must have been catching at a good pace to put such a weight together.


The five hours went astonishingly fast… but I suppose they always do when you’re out on the bank! I packed my gear up made my way to get the scales and net that Bradshaw’s were kindly letting us use. If I’d had known they were going to give us a weigh sling the size of a landing net I would have brought my own!


 The first weigh was peg two and P Richmond had put together a superb weight of 90lb 12oz. We had to do three weighs due to the pathetic excuse of a weigh net!


Oggy on the next peg had also put a good weight together of 42lb. Then it came to Darren I was sure he must have done the ton of his flier, but to my shock was a pitiful 33lb 8oz, where’s my £1 Darren? 


Then we finally got to C Gorrel, I was positive he had 100lb. We started weighing his net full of fish, once again it consisted of three ways….. and to everyone’s surprise his final weight was also 92lb 12oz!


D James on peg 12 had been catching shallow on the waggler and put together an impressive 55lb. Next up was me, the question was had I beaten Darren? YES 37lb 10oz of paste-caught carp was enough to seek revenge and claim victory from our last outing there!


On the opposite bank S Almond had bagged up a respectable 64lb 12oz which I believe were caught on paste? J Brogg had also put together a decent weight on the previous peg. These were followed by a few DNW’s. Then last but not least was Stevie B with 36lb dead which was enough to take his section.




1st   – C Gorrell      – 92lb 12oz

2nd  – P Richmond – 90lb 12oz

3rd – S Almond     – 64lb 12oz


Section Winners (By Default)


A-    Mick Ogden – 42lb 4oz

B-    D James       – 55lb

C-    J Brogg        – 41lb 4oz

D-    Stevie B       – 36lb



Overall Results


Peg                                            Weight


1) J Kane                      DNW

2) P Richmond             90lb 12oz

3) M Ogden                  42lb 4oz

4) G Blunt                    34lb 8oz

6) M Pattison                32lb

7) D Cooper                  33lb 8oz

8) K Hennigan              39lb 8oz

9) C Gorrell                  92lb 12oz

10) M Ralph                 36lb 8oz

11) A Jameson              DNW

12) D James                  55lb

13) MJ Thompson 😉   37lb 10oz

14)  D Darlington         DNW

22) P Slee                      DNW

23) J Unsworth             DNW

24) J Brogg                   41lb 4oz

25) S Almond               64lb 12oz  

26) K Singleton             DNW

27) M Bailey                  DNW

28) S Broadbent             36lb

29) F Dudley                  DNW

30) D Bailey                   DNW



I’d like to thank everyone who turned up and made it such an enjoyable day, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! I’d also like to give a special thanks to Darren for all the help, especially with the weigh in. Give my apologies to your girlfriend, im sure she wouldn’t have appreciated how filthy you were!


I will be looking to arrange another in the not so distant future, and hopefully we will fill the place next time!


Thanks Mikey


Cookooo, Meooooooow, Woof!