THE week started with a bang and temperatures up to 27° you would think that the fish would not want to know but that wasn’t the case. All the lakes fished well but Twin Oaks toped them all taking all the top six places.

First on the day was Justin Iveson (Beverly Angling) weighing 106lb 12oz from peg 36 on Twin Oaks fishing the corn down the margin. Justin has gone straight into the lead with nine points and his big weight is like having an extra point.

Second on the day was Paul Hardman (Angling Centre Northampton) weighing 73lb from peg 1 catching all his fish up in the water on the pellet and pole.

Third was Jamie Jones (Kingsway Angling) weighing 63lb 07oz from peg 4, James caught all his fish up in the water on the corn.


A Section Twin Oaks pegs 1 to 18

1st        Paul Hardman               peg 1                  73lb


B Section Twin Oaks pegs 19 to 36

1st        Justin Iveson                 peg 36              106lb 12oz


C Section Acorn

1st        John Tomlinson peg 1                  44lb 02oz


D Section Canal

1st        Peter Eden                   peg 19                26lb 04oz


Top 10 Overall


1st        Justin Iveson                             9 points                        106lb 12oz

2nd      Paul Hardman                           9 points                          73lb

3rd       Mick Wheeler                          9 points                          51lb 11oz

4th       John Tomlinson             9 points                           44lb 02oz

5th       Mark Payling                            9 points                          42lb

6th       Harry Newton                          9 points                          31lb 01oz

7th       Peter Eden                               9 points                          26lb 04oz

8th       John Cane                                9 points                          21lb 14oz

9th       Jamie Jones                              8 points                          63lb 07oz

10th     Mark Leader                            8 points                          44lb 09oz


Day Two
The hot weather continues but it has not had any affect on the fishing, in fact it’s fishing better than ever. The overall champion on day 2 was David Pocock weighing 77lb from peg 8 on Twin Oaks. Dave caught all his fish shallow on the pole and pellet. Second on the day was Ian Turner drawing peg 7 on Acorn, Ian fished the margins to weigh 63lb 04oz, and third was Kevin Wingfield with 60lb 09oz from peg 18 Twin Oaks.


A Section Twin Oaks pegs 1 to 18

1st        David Pocock              peg 8                77lb


B Section Twin Oaks pegs 19 to 36

1st        Jamie Jones                  peg 28              49lb 04oz


C Section Acorn

1st        Ian Turner                    peg 7                63lb 04oz


D Section Canal

1st        Mark Pantling               peg 15              46lb 10oz


Top 10 Overall


1st        Jamie Jones                              17 points                        112lb 11oz

2nd      Mark Payling                            17 points                          71lb 14oz

3rd       Ian Turner                                16 points                          87lb 02oz

4th       James Cooper                          16 points                          79lb

5th       Mark Leader                            16 points                          74lb 01oz

6th       Adrian Thipps                           15 points                          88lb 08oz

7th       David Pocock                          15 points                          84lb 13oz

8th       Kevin Addison             15 points                         63lb 03oz

9th       Steve Bass                               15 points                          57lb 01oz

10th     Justin Iveson                             14 points                        135lb 09oz



Day 3

Jamie Jones looks like he will be fishing the Gold matches in the future, he put in another great performance winning his lake for the second time. Jamie drew peg 14 on Acorn catching mainly Carp on the pole and pellet weighing 63lb 02oz. Second on the day was Mark Payling from peg 4 on Twin Oaks weighing 59lb 07oz and third was Chris Scott from peg 13 Twin Oaks weighing 54lb 07oz. Another good performance on the day was Ian Turner winning his lake for the second day in a row. Ian drew in the middle of the Canal lake weighing 46lb 12oz doubling the next anglers weight in his section.


A Section Twin Oaks pegs 1 to 18

1st        Mark Payling                peg 4                59lb 07oz


B Section Twin Oaks pegs 19 to 36

1st        Alan Symonds              peg 34              53lb 04oz


C Section Acorn

1st        Jamie Jones                  peg 14              63lb 02oz


D Section Canal

1st        Ian Turner                    peg 16              46lb 12oz


Top 10 Overall


1st        Jamie Jones                              26 points                          175lb 13oz

2nd      Mark Payling                            26 points                          131lb 05oz

3rd       Ian Turner                                25 points                          133lb 14oz

4th       James Cooper                          24 points                          118lb 13oz

5th       Danny Eason                            23 points                            82lb

6th       Justin Iveson                             22 points                          154lb 03oz

7th       Mick Wheeler                          22 points                          128lb 12oz

8th       Scott Walker                            22 points                          117lb 04oz

9th       John Tomlinson             22 points                          110lb 02oz

10th     Kevin Addison             15 points                          105lb 11oz



Day 4

It’s all to fish for, in this festival every result counts, in every other festival that we run at White Acres the contestants fish for five days and drop their worst result, on the Daiwa Matchwinner festival you can’t slip up. Overall champion on the final day’s fishing was Kevin Winfield fishing peg 8 on Acorn weighing 57lb 15oz. Kevin fished at three metres on chop worm and caster. Second overall on day 4 was Bob Stevens from peg 19 Twin oaks fishing shallow on chop worm weighing 56lb 05oz and third was Steve Prouse fishing peg 1 Twin Oaks, steve fished corn over ground bait to weigh 55lb 04oz.


A Section Twin Oaks pegs 1 to 18

1st        Steve Prouse                peg 1                55lb 04oz


B Section Twin Oaks pegs 19 to 36

1st        Bob Stevens                 peg 19              56lb 05oz


C Section Acorn

1st        Kevin Wingfield            peg 8                57lb 15oz


D Section Canal

1st        John Gamby                 peg 16              24lb 03oz


Top 10 Overall


1st        Jamie Jones                              35 points                          199lb 04oz

2nd      Ian Turner                                34 points                          184lb 01oz

3rd       Mark Payling                            34 points                          181lb 01oz

4th       Danny Eason                            31 points                          125lb 13oz

5th       Justin Iveson                             30 points                          196lb 07oz

6th       Bob Stevens                             30 points                          163lb 14oz

7th       Mick Wheeler                          30 points                          149lb 05oz

8th       David Pocock                          29 points                          156lb 10oz

9th       Mark Leader                            29 points                          115lb 04oz

10th     Kevin Wingfield                        28 points                          174lb 03oz


I would like to thank Daiwa Sports for sponsoring this festival for the second year and supplying the anglers with some great prizes. The anglers have shows a massive amount of enthusiasm and it was great to see them all again.



1st Overall        Jamie Jones      35 point’s         199lb 04oz

Winning a 16-metre Daiwa Matchwinner pole kit worth £1200, two spools of Hydrolastic, two spools of Matchwinner line and £1000 sponsored by Parkdean Holidays.


2nd Overall      Ian Turner        34 Points         184lb 01oz

Winning a Daiwa Matchwinner 13 extra power waggler rod worth £180, two spools of Hydrolastic, two spools of Matchwinner line and £600 sponsored by Parkdean Holidays.


3rd Overall       Mark Payling    34 Points         181lb 01oz

Two spools of Hydrolastic, two spools of Matchwinner line and

£400 sponsored by Parkdean Holidays.


4th Overall       Danny Eason    31 Points         125lb 13oz

Winning a 12 foot Matchwinner feeder rod, two spools of Hydrolastic, two spools of Matchwinner line.