It’s every angler’s dream to be the first to try something new in fishing, especially when there are potential record fish on the cards.

And that’s exactly what Rae Borras is doing in this clip from the fantastic two-part show made exclusively for Fishing TV, which is free to view in the March issue of Sea-Watch Monthly.

Rae is invited to join a group of intrepid anglers who are winter fishing waters some 350 miles North of the Arctic Circle for the first time behalf of angling holiday company DinTur – in areas where there is known to be a real chance of record breaking cod to 80lb and halibut going well over 400lb! That’s on top of the huge coalfish, wolfish, haddock and ling…

Pirking is the name of the game and Rae has a little trick up his sleeve in the shape of his ‘Esca’, amazing lures that emit light on contact with salt water to mimic the natural lights and electrical fields of prey fish.

This is a true angling adventure with cod to nearly 50lb showing and while it’s a programme to tickle the tastebuds of any saltwater fisherman, all anglers out there who like the idea of fishing into the unknown will be captivated by this show, which is made to the highest broadcast standards and features some stunning scenery, as well as the exceptional fishing.