MARK Sawyer of Van den Eynde is breaking with tradition this month and selecting Geepster as the ‘thread of the month’ winner on the Coarse board (boos, hiss, shock, horror) for his work on the Glebe charity match and all that led up to it.

As this isn’t allowed, not least because they will both be beaten up if it is, Geepster has been asked to choose his ‘man of the match’ from the big May 29th event, and the GP vote goes to Northampton’s ‘Wheely Crap Angler’ for his section second, money-winning performance in the Match of the Millennium.

Not only did Dave laugh at the inconvenience of fishing from a wheel chair on the hottest day of the year, his hair was bloody perfect as he beat nine other anglers in his section, including recognised greats of the sport such as Dave ‘Mellow’ Pellow, Russell ‘Right on Time’ Grimes, big Steve Rowland and the one and only Graham ‘The Graveyard’ Aveyard in the process of weighing in over 35lb on Pool Six. Anyway, he’s been one of the most active posters in May.

Dave wins a case of Van den Eynde Supercup groundbait, a top silver fish mix. 

As for the Sea board, well this was secured early on by Tackle Rat, whose Fish Alphabet thread quickly racked up a stack of straight, unlikley and twisted replies and was nicked by someone on the Coarse board within a couple of days as well in a spurious attempt to win a prize. This case of blatant plaguerism is currenlty in the hands of our (admittedly pretty vacant) solicitor.

Tackle Rat wins a super prize, a 12-month subscription to the magazine of his choice in our Magazines section.

Also winning a subscription to the magazine of their choice, this time from the Carp board, is J Gibbons for his thread about whether you guys will fish for French imports or not. A ‘common’ theme this one, although this thread attracted lots of genuine and interesting replies and thankfully they were all within the boundries too.



Moving on, in June we have a case of Van Den Eynde Liquid Meat up for grabs for those using the Coarse board.

This strong liquid flavouring is mainly aimed at anglers fishing for carp, barbel, chub, tench and bream.

It comes in a robust 250ml plastic bottle with a clip-down top and can be used either on the bank on baits like pellets or luncheon meat or frozen into the bait by dripping into a plastic bag and then shaking it into the hook and feed bait before putting the sealed bag into the freezer so that the flavour is drawn in.

As usual, the posters of the best threads on the Sea, Carp and this month the Fly Fishing boards will win their choice of a 12 month subscription to any one of the DHP magazines listed in out Magazines section.


Get posting boys and girls!


NB The winners should contact for details of how to claim your prizes.