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This week Keith will be joined by specimen hunter Duncan Charman. Although he’s gained a reputation for catching ‘special’ fish, Duncan is an all-rounder who enjoys his sport whatever the quarry. He’ll be sharing some good advice to help you do the same.
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We get out on the bank with Duncan on the River Wey in Farnham, Surrey. With the winter conditions making reliable sport hard to find he takes to a familiar stretch to get his angling ‘fix’ and spends the session fishing a simple approach to catch a variety of species.
You can also see Keith in stillwater action at the Royal Berkshire Fishery. Having been tipped the wink about some good perch feeding later in the day, he does his best to hunt them down with his trusty pole.
Keith will also have his weekly supply of tips and other useful information in Fishery Focus. He’ll be looking at the conditions in store and the best baits and tactics to use at a selection of typical venues around the UK to suit anglers of all disciplines.
Fly fishing is the focus on Tight Lines next week and Keith’s guest will be Charles Jardine, one of the sport’s truly colourful characters. As well as being amongst the finest anglers of his generation he’s a well respected fly-tyer and coach so you’re sure to learn a thing or two.
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