Bob Palmer isn’t going to let the matter of a disability stop him enjoying his match fishing, and beating his fellow anglers. The Daventry AC rod fished chopped worm and bagged including three quality perch in his match winning 5-10-0 bag, in the latest Dog Lane Fishery Silver Fish Open.
Dog Lane Fishery Results 13th February 2011
Fifth Round Silver Fish Only Individual Open
Dog Lane
1st Bob Palmer (Daventry AC) Peg16 5lb 10oz (Perch/Choppie)
2nd Carl Baker (Stourbridge) Peg34 4lb 14oz (Perch/Caster/worm) 3rd Simon Frankland (Adelaide AC) Peg35 4lb 7oz
Best Perch Trevor Smith (Daventry AC) Peg14 2lb 2¼oz
A1 Rich Wills (Daventry AC) Peg37 4lb 6oz (Roach/Pinkie)
A2 Simon Potter (Daventry AC) Peg38 3lb 12oz (Skimmer/Roach/Pinkie)
B1 Dave Armstrong (Jet Breakers) peg31 4lb 5oz (Perch/ Roach/ Gudgeon/Pinkie) B2 Pete Palmer (Daventry AC) Peg30 4lb 3¼oz (Perch/Choppie)
C1 LeeTaylor (Bag Em Baits) peg13 4lb 5¾oz (Skimmers/Roach)
C2 Jake King Peg9 & Trevor Smith Peg14 3lb 12¼oz (Roach/Perch) [tied]
25 fished.
Despite the fishery having fished well all week the venue shifted down 
a gear, with the cold rain and gusty winds making presentation a real 
challenge, the fish were reluctant to feed.The conditions this Sunday 
were enough to test the patience of a saint, and that was the trait 
required to wait for bites.
One angler known for his patience and dogged determination is Bob 
Palmer a venue regular who turns out time and again always hopeful of 
a win and often finding himself following the pack. This time, 
however, was Bob’s day to shine and he did it in style. Weighing in 
5lb 10oz of all perch caught on chopped worm at 6m. As the results 
from the scales were called there was round of applause from his 
fellow anglers and the beam of a smile on Bob’s face said it all and 
the day was suddenly so much brighter. Top banana Bob, well done!
Second place went to Carl Baker on peg 34 who weighed in 4lb 14oz of 
perch and roach sat next to his pairs partner Simon Frankland on Peg 
35 who was 7oz behind for third place.
The three section winners were all within an ounce of each other. They 
were Rich Wills peg37 4lb 6oz, Dave Armstrong peg31 4lb 5oz and Lee 
Taylor peg13 4lb 5¾oz. The second in sections were also closely 
matched with Simon Potter peg38 3lb 12oz and Jake King peg9 and Trevor 
Smith peg14 tied with 3lb 12¼oz, and on peg 31 Pete Palmer with 4lb 
The biggest Perch Pool went to Trevor Smith peg14 who placed a 2lb 
2¼oz specimen on the scales.
The conditions on the day: Wet, overcast sky, cold and gusting winds.
Next time is a pairs match on 27th Feb 2011
Contact Pete Palmer 07749 225 880
Draw 9am Kings Head Napton. Pub will open 8am.