March issue


Blood Suckers

It seems that the yanks have been having fun fishing huge leech patterns for trout in still and running water since time immemorial. Can the method be as productive on this side of the pond? Simon Kidd goes searching for early season rainbows with some bizarre new patterns to see if we can produce the goods at Gloucestershire’s Bushyleaze Fishery.


Tesco’s Finest

We take you to the some of the finest fishing destinations in the world where the electric blue sky is the perfect canopy to the azure seas beneath.

Well, we’ve had it with the namby-pamby stuff; now we’re taking you PROPER fishing! Shopping trolleys and carrier bags are the backdrop to this ‘scenic’ venue in the bowels of Rugby!


Tackle Test

With more Spey lines on the market than you can possibly shake a stick at we take an in-depth look at what¹s what. With both short and long-headed lines on test, we judge their performance in relation to beginners as well as the more experienced caster.


The Bait Box

We managed to get one of the most talented river anglers in England, Howard ­ ‘I’m not as quiet as you think I am’­ Croston, to reveal some of his terrible secrets. If another angler happens to be in the vicinity Howard turns his back to them before tying on one of these deadly creations from the dark side. A man of his reputation, fishing worms and maggots? Is there no end to this blasphemy?


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