July Issue

Jim’s Small-Water Secrets

Arguably the nicest guy in Scottish fly fishing, trout maestro and cheery character Jim Crawford takes a trip to the ever-popular Loch Insch Fishery.

The clear waters and rich weed beds are a haven for the damselfly and make for very greedy trout! Jim explains how to make the most of July by observing what makes this insect tick and how to best imitate it to enjoy an awesome day¹s fishing!



This month it’s more of a reverse Troubleshooter as our fly guru Charles Jardine seeks an answer to one of his nagging questions ‘How do I catch carp on the fly?!’ Rumour had it that Leicester was the city in which we could find a coarse-fish-on-fly nutter who seemed like the man for the job.

So settle back and enjoy the madness that is CJ meets ‘Skateboard’ Dave and carping on the fly!


Life’s A Beach

Mullet. The final frontier. This coastal species has to be the closest thing we have to a bonefish in British and Irish waters. So, for those of us that don’t enjoy the privilege of jet-set fly fishing, it’s got to be high on the list of species! The only downside is that they are crafty little so and sos and most anglers give up in a whirlwind of frustration. So, UK saltwater guide, Austen Goldsmith, reveals his secrets that should improve the chances of a screaming reel.


Tyer’s Guide

We¹ve got a jam-packed fly tying section this month! First up we have the detailed step-by-step tyings of four lethal patterns for July whether you fish stillwaters or rivers for trout or salmon. Then come the results from the first round of our fly tying challenge ­ there are some seriously good tyers out there; check out these damsel nymphs! Last but not least, the TFF tying team brings you a handful of handy hints to cut out the cursing at the vice!



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