Tour guide wins international carp competition, and says he can win it again!

Between September 1 and October 31st 2010, carp anglers from all over the world had 60 days to fish any venues they wish.

During this period, anglers could submit their four biggest common or mirror carp into the TOKS Big Four International with the chance of winning prizes and gaining international recognition.
Due to the strong performance put on by Johan Pretorius, the World Big Four Title will stay in South Africa for a second consecutive time.

While competing amongst 159 carp anglers from 12 different countries, Johan was able to rise above the competition by landing four of the biggest common and/or mirror carp weighing a combined total of 151.13lb / 69.01 kg.
The TOKS Staff decided to conduct an interview with Johan; revealing some of his tactics and learning more about his personal life. One of the questions asked was, “What are the chances of you winning The World BIG FOUR Title for a second consecutive time?”……
Johan’s response was, “As a tour guide, and knowing my venues well, I think that I could win a few more!”
It will be interesting to see if Johan Pretorius can duplicate his success in the current TOKS Contest which will end on February 16, 2011.
The annual Prize Table value has now reached in excess of £33,000.
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Johan’s biggest carp reported during the autumn period weighing in at 39.02 lb / 17.78 kg.