THIS year’s Total Fishing Meet here in Denmark took place on the 5th August and although the venue and results wouldn’t be what you would expect for a match in Denmark, once again a big success and lots of fun!


This years anglers:

Lee Wood (Denmark)

Barry Jackson (England)

Steve Bridges (England)

Phil Jones (England)

Peter Braasch (England)

Ole Haugnes (Denmark)

Bram Brandwijk (Holland)


Venue change

Not the venue you would probably think when Match and Denmark are in the same sentence; most likely you are thinking – Skanderborg, Silkeborg, Gudenå, Viborg etc. Due to the poor fishing that these lakes have been giving this year and last it was decided that it would be best to fish a small lake. The Wednesday evening before the match we decided to fish the match at the lake Lee often fishes in Hinnerup (about ½ hours drive from Skanderborg).

Come Saturday morning, Lee pegged the lake, and then people started showing up for a Junior Football match on the football field next to the lake. When the others arrived it was mentioned that poles etc might become a little crunchy after there football match and they start asking us “Have you caught anything Mr?” (In Danish of course) and then “opps, sorry” when they jump on the poles…

There weren’t too many options left, driving too far would have meant fishing wouldn’t commence before mid-day so the only other option was another small lake FILLED with Carp, so much so it gets boring. The “small” disadvantage is that there is a 1km walk with the gear from the car park.


Late Start

Once we got to the lake, we made a quick draw and to the pegs. The time was ticking by so the start was as soon as everyone was finished setting up…


11:20am “ALL IN!!!!”

From the start there were fish caught, Bram Brandwijk having the best start with small carp on the long pole, whilst Peter Braasch was catching on the short line. For everyone else it was a lot slower, but for Steve Bridges (last years champ) and Lee it was dead on the last two pegs.

Whilst the first five pegs were producing fish throughout the match, the fight for last place was between Steve and Lee, which one of them would be taking home “the mouth.”?

Lee finally caught a Carp after 3 hours of fishing and Steve followed with a Carp of similar size 5 minutes before the end of the match. What Steve didn’t tell anyone was the fact he caught a small carp just after the all in.

Weigh in!

After 4 hours fishing it was time for the weigh in.


In first place was Peter Braasch with 10lb 10oz of small Carp


In second place with 8lb 2oz Dutch platform king Bram Brandwijk


For third place, 2004’s “mouth” winner Barry Jackson took 6lb 13oz


Equal 4th place was Ole Haugnes (left) and Steve Bridges (Right) for 2lb 13oz each


6th place was Lee Wood for 2lb 1oz with his solo Carp



7th Place and this years mouth winner was Phil Jones with 1lb 9oz

Unfortunately no picture was taken of Phil’s catch, so here he is accepting his “prize” for coming last instead. The prize was the now famous mouth and a T shirt featuring the mouth.