EUROPE’s $1 billion carp industry is set to be invaded by one of America’s leading rod manufacturers.

G Loomis, best known as one of the leading fly and sportfishing brands in the world, is due to take on famous carp product manufacturers including Nash and Rod Hutchinson in their own backyard with a high-spec range of rods designed by one of the best in the business.

Although details on the product range are yet to be finalised, it is anticipated that the company will be looking at the higher end of the market, with rods that should take carp fishing to a new level and raise the bar significantly for the competition.

Mark Landry, international sales manager for G Loomis, told TTW: “Our company is based on passion. We want to transfer that into any market we work in and the same is true of carp, where anglers are equally as fanatical.

“We have a real understanding of spinning, casting and the game market and we’re confident we can dial-in the exact actions that everyone is looking for.

“G Loomis is all about satisfying its customers’ needs and wants. We are really looking forward to this one.”

The company has spent the past two years working in secrecy on the project and expects to launch the rods for the 2007 season.

Marketing manager Gary Schaefer added: “We have a reputation for creating high-performance rods and that is what we are looking to deliver to this market.”

The company has already lined up a distribution deal that will see the carp rods going into major retailers pan-Europe.


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