With the sudden change in weather, all pools are still fishing well, with match weights in excess of 130lb needed to win.  Pellet and maggot have been the main baits.

Top Pool
Method feeder with dead white maggot to the island for mirrors, commons and big f1’s.
Pole at 6-8m on the pellet for f1 carp and large bags of silvers.
Maggot fished shallow late in the session has had the fish coming up in the water.
Corn over hemp and pellet down the edges for large f1’s, stockies and silvers.

Bottom Pool
Method feeder with dead red maggot is still producing large mirrors and common carp up to 24lb.
Pellet and corn at 6m to 8m has been producing f1’s, mirrors and common carp.
Corn and paste down the edges for large mirrors and common carp.
Maggot and chopped worm on the deck for silverfish. 
Pleasure anglers have reported large bags of perch up to 3lb being caught on maggot and chopped worm.

House Pool
Dead red maggot feeder to the island has been producing good bags of mirrors and commons.
Bronze maggot at 8m on the deck has been producing large bags of silverfish and f1 carp, with the fish coming shallow in the afternoon.
Paste is still working encouraging the larger fish to feed, large mirrors, commons and f1’s are still being caught in the margins.
Corn down the edges is producing big mirrors and commons and f1’s to 4lb.
Pellet at 6m or 8m down on the deck for mixed bags of f1’s bream, roach and carp.

Extension pool
Pellet to the island has been producing f1’s, mirrors and common carp.
Corn over hemp or pellet over both at 8m to 10m or down the edges late on in the session has been producing large bags of silvers, mirrors, f1 carp and bream. 
Maggot at 4m to 6m up in the water with constant feeding has been catching large bags of f1 carp, skimmers and roach.

New Pool
Pellet and maggot have been the best baits on this lake long to the island or @ 6m and down the edges.  F1’s and plenty of skimmers and roach are being caught.
Pleasure anglers have taken small cubes of meat and corn and reported back catching good bags of fish.
Large perch are being caught between pegs 18 and 23.  Chopped worm or red maggot have tempted the predators up to 4lb in weight.
Congratulations to Pete Rice who triumphed in the Sunday open from peg 9.  He fished white maggot, 3m straight out in front and 5m to the right, tempting f1’s up to 2.5lb for a match winning weight of 85 -1.

Canal Pool
In general pellet and maggot are the best baits at 6-8m and across to the island.  Fish are still falling to small cubes of meat over hemp and paste down the edges is still producing the large mirrors and commons.
Barbel in excess of 2lb have been reported by pleasure anglers.

Club Pool
Method feeder with dead white maggot to the island for large mirrors, f1’s and common carp.
Pellet, maggot or meat at 8m and 4m straight in front for stockies, bream to 4lb, tench and roach.
Barbel are showing up to 2lb down the edges on maggot and chopped worm over hemp.
Fish are being caught on the inside line on 2mm cubes of meat or corn over hemp for large f1’s mirrors and commons.
Pellet or maggot at 6-8m has been working well with the fish coming up in the water late on in the session.

Jenny’s Pool
Pellet shallow at 6m has produced weights by pleasure anglers of 70lb to 110lb.  The fish are being caught up in the water mid way through the session.
Method to the island with corn or meat.
Paste down the track and on the first shelf.
Small cubes of meat on the first shelf have tempted the barbel.
In general, most baits are going on this lake.


Date: Monday 10th October 2011
Pools: Canal
No F/man: 21

Match Report:
1st: Pellet @ 11m to the island for f1 carp, small mirrors & commons to 2lb.
2nd: Dead red maggot on method feeder to the island for f1 carp, mirrors & commons to 4lb.
3rd: Maggot shallow @ 7m for f1 carp, skimmers & roach.
1st Pete Hancox Birmingham 93 – 5 – 0 18
2nd Dennis Lutwyche Hawkesberry 82 – 6 – 0 7
3rd Dave Callahan Measham Redfins 77 – 13 – 0 5
4th Brian Edwards Youngs TBF 75 – 0 – 0 4
5th Chris Neale Rutlanders 74 – 14 – 0  1
6TH Chris Constable Tunnel Barn Farm Vets 72 – 8 – 0 13

Date: Wednesday 12th October 2011
Pools: Canal Pool
No F/Man: 16

Match Report:
1st: Maggot @ 6m on the deck & 11m to the island for f1’s, silvers & small barbel.
2nd: Pellet to the island @ 11m & maggot down the edges for f1’s, barbel & silvers.
3rd: Pellet @ 6m for f1 carp, mirrors & common carp & small cubes of meat over hemp down the edges for f1’s & barbel.
1st Pete Rice Bagem Baits 131 – 8 – 0 13
2nd Richard Knowles MCM 124 – 2 – 0 5
3rd Phil Moore Lichfield 123 – 6 – 0 11
4th Chris Neale Rutlanders 122 – 7 – 0 3
5th Tom Neale Rutlanders 74 – 10 – 0 9
6TH Pete Hancox Birmingham 49 – 14 – 0 7
Date: Thursday 13th October 2011
Pools: Club Pool
No F/Man: 18

Match Report:
1st: Pellet @ 10m for f1’s f2 carp & bream.
2nd: Pellet @ 8m for f1’s f2 carp, roach & bream.
3rd: Paste @ 4m for f1’ & f2 carp, barbel, tench & bream.
1st Phill Moore Lichfield AC 80 – 1 – 0 18
2nd Pete Hancox Birmingham 75 – 14 – 0 3
3rd Chris Neale Rutlanders 71 – 9 – 0 9
4th Les Wetton Tunnel Barn Farm 67 – 6 – 0 15
5th Chris Constable Tunnel Barn Farm Vets 63 – 8 – 0 12
6TH Ian Parry Tunnel Barn Farm 59 – 1 – 0 7

Date: Saturday 15th October 2011
Pools: Top & House pools
No F/Man: 32

Match Report:
1st: Caster @ 8m for all f1 carp.  Roach & perch were caught up in the water.
2nd: Pellet @ 10m for f1 carp & bream.
3rd: Maggot @ 8m for carp, bream, roach & perch.
1st Pete Rice Bagem Baits 91 – 8 – 0 T 11
2nd David Lloyd Tipton 83 – 7 – 0 H 4
3rd Mark Johnson Maver Midlands 80 – 4 – 0 H 31
4th Steve Harris Daiwa Gordon Lg 76 – 14 – 0 H 6
5th Paul Caswell Shakespeare 72 – 6 – 0 T 26
6TH Stu Palsar Shakespeare 72 – 3 – 0 H 29
7th  Steve Townsend Drennan Oxford 69 – 13 – 0 T 1
8TH  Andy Jackson Mosella 68  – 1 – 0 T 8

Date: Sunday 16th October 2011
Pools: New Pool
No F/Man: 36

Match Report:
1st: Maggot @ 5m for f1 carp, bream, rudd & roach.
2nd: Maggot @ 14m for f1 carp, bream, rudd & roach.
3rd: Maggot @ 8m for f1 carp, bream, rudd & roach.
1st Pete Rice Bagem Baits 85 – 1 – 0 9
2nd Stu Palsar Shakspeare 82 – 10 – 0 13
3rd John Newton Smithys Tackle 79 – 8 – 0 3
4th Steve Chester Mosella 78 – 8 – 0 33
5th Duncan Newton Smithys Tackle 76 – 11 – 0 23
6TH Matt Smith Bagem Baits 72 – 7 – 0 14
7th  Chris Harrison Warwick Portabello 62 – 12 – 0 7
8TH Rob Avery Redditch 61 – 13 – 0 29