The FIPSed Disabled and Veterans World Coarse Angling Championships for 2015 will be held on the river Sorraia near the village of Cabecao, Portugal on a venue well known to some of this years selected team members on 5th/6th June.   In the past this section of the river Sorraia has held the European, Junior and World Club competitions and offers a huge challenge for both teams.

For this and all subsequent years the date for these championships has been brought forward to early June to help eliminate the excessively high temperatures previously experienced when the competition was held in August.  This decision by FIPSed to change the date has influenced the method of team selection and therefore this year trials/assessments will not take place before the event and have been cancelled.  Consequently team manager Dick Clegg has selected both squads from anglers who had nominated earlier.

The England Veterans team are; Steve Sanders, Joe Roberts, Roger Marlow, Danny Sixsmith, Mark Downes and (Manager), Dick Clegg.

The England Disabled team are; Mark Eves, Mick Cove, Alan Chadbone, Bill Galt, and Gary Bull.  (Assistants) Mick Gibbs, Tony Troth, and Mark Wells and (Manager) John Weeden.

To select the teams to compete in the Czech Republic in 2016, trials /assessments are expected to be held at the end of  September, or early October this year.  Since sadly neither the Veterans or Disabled teams have a sponsor at the current time, all nominees must be prepared to pay the costs themselves to participate.

If you are interested in becoming a team sponsor please get in touch with the Angling Trust who would be delighted to talk to you about it.