John Bushell is running a teams-of-three match at Arrow Valley Lakes in Redditch in August with a prize of £600 for the winning outfit if a full quota of 18 teams enter.

  Entry is £100 all-in for the August 10th event, with a 9am draw at the Arrow Valley Visitor Centre and prizes going down to £180 for the fourth-placed trio. Lake rules apply, so it’s barbless hooks only and bloodworm and joker are not allowed.

Contact John on 07879 624248.

Another event booked for Arrow Valley is the Acorn Charity Match on June 29th run by Gaz Kirkham. This one is £30 to enter with £240 to the winner down to £80 for the fifth placed angler, and anglers fishing in five sections of ten anglers with section winners pocketing £60.

There will be a charity raffle on the day and Gaz is looking for donations. He can be contacted on 07545 569811.