Ultima have just completed their biggest ever review of their business by conducting a marketing survey which has involved every one of their 1500 outlets throughout the UK.

The survey, which took over three months and involved an individual call to every customer, gathered useful information on our perceptions of our products, customer requirements and our service levels. The result of the poll was extremely positive and has provided invaluable feedback which will help to shape the policy of the company in coming years.

Marketing Manager Vanessa Lennard commented “We have had some very enlightening feedback from all those participating in this survey. Feedback on product quality and press support was excellent and shows we are doing the basic things right. Many customers have particularly expressed the desire to have some field representative to assist demonstrating the full range and merchandising shops so they can benefit from Ultima’s high profit margins in as many areas as
possible. We have therefore been exploring various ideas and as a result we will be starting a key account representative who will work with our usual telesales team and who will be visiting important accounts over the coming year, assisting with merchandising and product sales development.

Ultima would like to thank all those dealers who took part in the survey.

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