It was another fine day at Cowbridge for this year’s Welsh championship.

The first leg was four rounds with the 150g with Joe Dowling setting the standard for the day with the longest cast of the day 230.55m, with Nigel Hutchinson close behind on 219.21m and Adam Neill holding third spot.

The second leg was four rounds with the 125g last year’s champion Christian Brayley taking the honours with this lead with a cast of 226.60, Joe Dowling still held 1st position though hitting 220.55 with his least favourite lead.

The third and final leg competitors had a choice of casting either the 100g or the 175g lead with conditions now not favourable with a 12 to 15 mph wind blowing straight across the court, Phil Jones made a fighting comeback challenging the leaders with and amazing 224.75 hit on the 100g unbelievable in the conditions but the battle was by now between Christian Brayley and Joe Dowling both choosing the 175g with Joe hitting 212.25 and Chris taking the 175g lead with 217.82.

We knew it was going to be close but Joe Dowling proving he’s not a one lead man was crowned 2007 welsh champion with Christian in 2nd place less than three metres behind with Phil taking third.

Grade 2 was taken by up and coming Dave Neill winning convincingly and Grade 3 was deservedly won by casting veteran Brian King.

It was a very enjoyable day for both the casters and spectators treated a top display of tournament casting .Big thanks to everyone who made a great success of the event.

Distances in metres.
Names 175gr 150gr 125gr 100gr Aggregate Position  Group winners
J Dowling 212.25 230.55 220.55  663.35 1st  Group 1 Winner
C Brayley 217.82 216.40 226.60  660.82 2nd  Group 1 second
P Jones  213.70 219.15 224.75 657.60 3rd  Group 1 third
N Hutchinson 214.73 219.21 218.55  653.49 4th  
A Neill  217.35 217.05 200.95 635.35 5th  
W Saunders 201.67 213.63 217.63  632.92 6th  
N Davies 204.50 204.64 223.54  632.68 7th  
D Neill  194.75 206.50 197.95 599.20  8th Group 2 Winner
D Thomas  196.48 209.10 187.32 592.90 9th  
J Power  164.56 196.00 185.24 545.80 10th  
C Wilkins  176.25 180.35 176.40 533.00 11th  
B King  167.68 180.00 172.45 521.13 12th  Group 3 Winner
J Gravell  154.00 187.14 178.25 519.39 13th  
B Parrot  154.50 165.32 159.40 479.22 14th  
D Edwards dnr     15th  
If anyone is interested and would like to join the club or just coming for a look they will be made very welcome surfcasting is a sport for all ages and all levels of ability but most of all a very social sport. Our next event will be on the Sunday 30th December at Crack Hill