Major developments at Ultima have been announced with the aim of raising the brand’s profile even further.

Ultima has been one of the most high profile promoters of any brand in recent years and we have just received news this week of a significant move in the positioning of the Ultima brand.

Having been associated with the strap line ‘ultimate line technology’ for many years, this is now changing  to THE GREATEST LINE EVER and the change will be supported by a completely new branding, marketing and advertising campaign, which will roll out over to consumers over the coming months.

Marketing manager Vanessa Lennard enthused about the new brand image.

“Ultima has had its two most successful years in its history and over the winter we have carried out a lot of research into the public’s perception of Ultima and how good our products are.

“We felt we needed to come up with a more encompassing statement that represents to the consumer what Ultima is all about.’

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“We are the only company totally dedicated to the line business in the way that we are and no matter which angling discipline you look at, our products are the best performing when compared with the opposition.

“We know it. We can prove it. They are the greatest lines ever.

“If that weren’t enough we have another astonishing Power product launching at the TCF show which will put the bar even higher for the opposition. ‘Ultimate line technology’ has served us well, but we feel that it does not really express the superior performance that Ultima products now achieve. 

“With the advent of the web we can now supply more technical information to the consumer than ever before, but what really matters now is what all this technology achieves. It is Ultima’s goal to make the THE GREATEST LINE EVER.

“Over 6,000 individuals have visited the www.ulimauk.com site this month, our best month ever figure and over three times that in March last year,” added Vanessa.

“If the trend continues, 10,000 per month by June is quite achievable, especially with the new features we are continually building in to it.

“We are working on more and more ways to make the Ultima website a useful resource for all anglers.

“We have spent a lot of time and money in planning this new image launch and there are some very innovative and broad reaching marketing ideas that will appear in the coming months that will build on what Ultima have achieved over that last few years making more and more anglers realise how good Ultima products really are.”