Building on the success of the Third Angling Summit, organised in December 2003 by Parliamentary Angling Liaison Officer, Martin Salter MP, members of the Moran Committee, National Angling Alliance and Joint Angling Governing Bodies, met to review the future of angling and fisheries representation. 
All members present agreed to the concept of one, unified body for angling and fisheries, and all left the meeting seeking the approval and commitment of their respective organisations.

The meeting’s independent Chairman, Jim Glasspool, commented:“The meeting was held in a very positive atmosphere, and showed great possibilities for progress within a very tight timetable.”

A working group has been established to define responsibilities and investigate future funding possibilities.  A final structure will be presented to the main group by April 30th 2004.

 On hearing about the positive attitude and successful outcome of this meeting, Martin Salter commented: “I am delighted that the leading organisations in angling and fisheries management have responded so positively to the challenge to bring the governance of our wonderful sport into the 21st Century, by seeking to create a modern, effective and powerful unified voice for angling and fisheries.”