Fish’O’Mania made its way to the second new venue of the year at Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey and the venue certainly didn’t disappoint, with most sections needing 150lb to secure some money! One hundred anglers took the opportunity to pit their wits against the wily eastern carp and although the qualifier could come from any of lakes, most were hoping for a draw on Beastie or Cedar in their current form.

It was Cedar Lake that saw another enthralling battle between Matt Wiles on peg 21 and Vince Cross on peg 17. Both anglers came out of the gate fast; with Matt catching well on hard pellets short, meanwhile Vince was plundering his margins on a deadly maggot and micro pellet combo, which saw him land carp to 10lb.

As the match progressed it was clear these two anglers were pulling well clear of the rest on Cedar, and it was only really Ross Harold who posed a serious threat over on Beastie peg 12. By this point Matt had switched to fishing his margins with worm and come the all-out both anglers had made their way onto their fifth or sixth keepnet.

At the scales it was Vince who’d edged the match in more than one way, catching a mammoth 252lb 10oz, all the best in the final Vince! Pushing him all the way was Matt who put an agonising 245lb 13ozs on the board, which was likely just one fish!

Rounding out the top three was indeed Ross Harold who got a bit of space with peg 13 not drawn on Beastie. A busy five hours which mainly focused around fishing his edges saw Ross put together 220lb 12oz and take home £200.

Our thanks must go to John and his team at Decoy for a fantastic venue, plenty of space for all the anglers and some great weights. Further thanks to Mark Morris for a very well-run qualifier.

We move Southwards for the next qualifier at Makins Fishery. It’s worth noting; as always we close the tickets on Wednesday before a match at 15:30, so make sure you visit the booking site to guarantee a ticket.


1st Vince Cross 252lb 10oz
2nd Matt Wiles 245lb 13oz
3rd Ross Harold 220lb 12oz
4th Jack Gill 210lb 7oz