‘If it doesn’t bite you, electrocute you,  sting you…  then it doesn’t belong here!’

So begins this amazing Amazon fishing adventure with Brit abroad Steve Townson on a river that’s home to an unbelievable 3,000 species of freshwater fish.

Steve, who happens to be World Peacock Bass Champion, spends a week on a floating hotel deep in the Brazilian rainforest in the company of 11 other anglers on a tributary of the great river that’s four times bigger than any other in the world!

This is all about lure fishing mainly with ‘prop baits’, a type of topwater lure that produces explosive takes from an endless variety of specimen fish.

But the main target is the magnificent peacock bass, especially the much-sought-after, turbo charged ‘grande’ that can grow to 27lb and boats the most wonderful multi-coloured coat when in spawning mode.

This is an absorbing, wild and exciting fishing adventure in the company of fantastic lure anglers and another great show that’s only available through Fishing TV.

The first installment is FREE TO VIEW in the Aug/Sept 2102 issue of Game Fisher’s Diary here on this website, split into two parts.

You can view it online, on i-phones and i-pads and now on Samsung Smart TVs as well. Just click on the link to get going, and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist.


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