The West Midlands Region got their first NFA course up and running in Solihull working with the local Community Centre this month.

Kingshurst Youth and Community Centre, which is run by Solihull Council, is the first in the region to deliver the NFA’s Introduction to Angling and the Environment qualification. The course which is being delivered by the NFA’s Senior Regional Coach, for the West Midlands will enable children aged between 12 and 19 years of age get their first taste of angling.

Senior Coach, Ian Boden stated, “I have found the course incredibly easy to deliver and believe that the course is ideal for all angling coaches out there to get involved in schools and youth projects and deliver the course. Already they have had 6 trips to the local fishery and the community centre has found it a great way to get the kids a qualification at the end of an activity.”

Navelet Pink, Community Centre Manager commented,

“Young people have expressed an interest in going fishing in the local area and this qualification is an ideal opportunity for them to develop new skills by learning how to fish and also take their existing fishing ability to a new level.

The course is ideal to give young people the opportunity to develop new skills and get recognised for doing it. With the course being accredited its great to give something back to young people who go fishing. The kids so far are really enjoying the course.”

One participant commented, “I am ever so glad I came on the course, I have never caught so many fish.”

Navelet continued, “…Fishing always gives children a chance to achieve and provides an opportunity for all. It’s also a great method of peer tutoring, where the kids help each other progress and develop.”

What’s great to see from this project in particular is that the coach, Ian Boden  isn’t just looking at introducing these kids into our sport, but also developing their interest into an after school activity and also a team competition. Projects like this are starting all over the country and will only help Angling achieve its goal of increasing participation in the sport and provide the anglers of the future.