All through our lifetime, we have numerous outstanding memories, but only a few of these memories stick out in our minds as concisely as catching our first fish; not to mention who we were with! If you are looking to have the same experience with your kids but have no idea about where to start, here are a few things to know before you go fishing with kids.

Getting Started:

Before You Go Fishing with Kids…

What you should initially understand about going for a family trip is that despite the amount of preparation that goes in, its overall success is dependent on numerous things.

With this in mind, if you want to avoid all the tantrums and have a pleasant trip, begin with the kids. In essence, family fishing tours are all about putting them first, and you come later; especially if you are fishing with kids of up to ten years old.

While this may seem pretty obvious, you however never really quite know how your child may react to the entire experience. As such, be patient and ensure they understand everything that’s going on.

Just remember that a kid’s first fishing trip can effectively shape how your kids feel about fishing in the future.

Lead by example:

Kids will, of course, feel safer when they see you engaging in and being comfortable with fishing. Depending on the trip you are planning, you can start by checking out a suitable fishing spot which you want to do the fishing with, or take a tour with the captain of the charter you choose to be familiar with the area.

Not only will this give some form of confidence to your kids, but it will also help you get familiar with the boat type and fishing spot, as well as get some ideas of what your children need to pack for the trip among other things.

Consult with the captains to understand several critical things about the fishing expedition, including what fish to target, the techniques to use, as well as what to come with among other things. Similarly, if you are fishing from dry land, be sure to interact with other anglers fishing in that area since they can help you get prepared and familiar with everything that is needed.

 Talk to your kids about fishing:

Before you can surprise your kids with their first family fishing trip, it is essential that you talk to them about fishing.

You can either watch some TV shows about fishing or get assistance online by web search fishing videos. Basically, the idea is to educate them on the types of fish you can catch in the place you are planning to go to.

Spare some time to inform your kids everything that is going on. Be sure to clarify the basic concepts like ‘rod,’ ‘lure,’ and ‘bait,’ but ensure it is exciting and straightforward. Explain to them how fishing works. You can do this by drawing something on a paper or getting them toys to demonstrate the process.

One significant thing here is to introduce your kids about the captain, including his/her name; the type of boat they sail, and what is their favorite fish. Why? It gives them confidence. Take this for instance, if you are in college and you ask the top student in your class about how he easily gets good grades and he hands you a note telling you that here is someone who can do my assignment for me, wouldn’t you feel confident working with the guy? After all, your college is the top student in class right? Similarly, introducing your kids to the captain allows them to get familiar with the captain so that they can open up to them and ask questions, have fun, and learn.

Choose a good Fishing Boat

Well, if your fishing expedition is going to be successful, you, of course, need a right fishing boat. Usually, a good boat can mean many things, including being clean, having ample space, and stability. What’s more, the boat type you pick significantly depends on the kind of waters you are fishing on; and even so, it also depends on precisely what you expect from the boat.

You best understand your kids. So, consider what they may want on their fishing expedition. To guide you, you can consider the following questions:

  • Are there toilets onboard?
  • Does the vessel have an enclosed cabin or T-top? Depending on the weather, your kids may need protection, and a vessel with a T-top or enclosed cabin can offer distinct weather protection.
  • Is the vessel clean? This should be a priority, especially if you are a parent going out with kids.

Duration of the fishing trip

In many instances, the first fishing expedition is usually the first time children are on the water. As such, this is precisely why you should initially begin with a shorter trip. Start with half day trips, mainly if your child is below 10-12 years.

You can do quite a lot in a solid four hours, and most children will usually get bored by the time it’s all done anyway. There is no need of pushing them to their breaking point. Nonetheless, teenagers can engage in longer fishing expeditions, although it is only if you can convince them to.

child with tunaWhat type of fishing you will engage in?

There are multiple kinds of fishing and the area where you fish will subsequently determine your options. Start with something easy to grasp relative to strength/skills. While at it, go for techniques that best suit kids like inshore fishing since it does not have choppy seas. Also, go for smaller fish to allow your kids to practice how to reel them. You’ll be surprised at how much fun this can be!

What fishing technique suits kids?

Just like with fishing types, you need to pick a fishing technique that suits kids. The best way to handle this is to consult with the captain and get his/her opinion. Usually, you will start with bottom fishing or fish with a light tackle; as this will allow you to get smaller fish that are ideal for kids. What’s more, they are remarkably tasty.

Nonetheless, it depends on how involved the kids are. Young kids with ages between 5 and 12 years may not care so much about the right moves or technique. As such, you need to teach them and give them an understanding.


The greatest thing to understand about going fishing with kids is all about spending quality time with them together. Some kids only want a great afternoon while others are looking to be captains in the future! Once you understand this, it gets easier to offer them a pleasant fishing trip.


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