White Acres Solero Festival

Day Four

We have reached the final day of the annual White Acres Solero ladies festival, it has been a cracking week and the ladies have been lucky with the weather – for a change!

The ladies are back on to Python today so let’s see who does the business today, read on for the final match report and to see who the 2010 champion lady is.

A Section Python Narrows

Plenty of fish caught today but as they are of a smaller stamp the weights weren’t high but in some cases ounces were making the difference in the points gained. Wendy Locker was the lake winner with 30lb 3oz; Wendy was on peg 22 and caught long on the pole with pellet. Second on peg 34 was Helen Dagnall, Helen caught mainly F1’s on the pellet across to the island for a weight of 26lb 2oz. Lisa Ford weighed in with 19lb 10oz to take third, Lisa caught on the bottom at 6 meters on the pole with pellet from peg 32.

Section Winners

Wendy Locker  peg 22  6 points 30lb 3oz
Helen Dagnall  peg 34  6 points 26lb 2oz

B Section Python Wides

Once again the weights were very close in the wides with all the anglers producing reasonable nets of fish. Winning the lake with a great weight of 63lb 13oz was Sam Perkins; Sam was on peg 15 and caught on paste close in and down the edge. Melanie Bates was on peg 13 and was second with 34lb, Melanie caught on the pole at 10 meters with meat over maggot.  Third was Heather Dewey, Heather caught on the on the long pole on the deck with pellet from peg 7 for a weight of 32lb 9oz.

Section Winners

Heather Dewey peg 7  6 points 32lb 9oz
Sam Perkins  peg 15  6 points 63lb 13oz

After the final day of action here is how the overall results look.

Final Results

1st Helen Dagnall  24 points 156lb 6oz
2nd  Sam Perkins  23 points 269lb 4oz
3rd  Wendy Locker  23 points 175lb 11oz
4th  Heather Dewey 20 points 143lb 11oz
5th  Melanie Bates  19 points 119lb 14oz
6th  Denise Hudgell 18 points 112lb 9oz
7th  Charlene Stevens 17 points 129lb
8th  Sophie Davis  17 points 126lb 9oz
9th  Elizabeth Prince 17 points 90lb 11oz
10th  Kadie Taylor  16 points 126lb 1oz
11th  Gaynor Mills  16 points 113lb 5oz
12th  Sonia Shaw  16 points 92lb 3oz
13th  Lisa Ford  16 points 76lb 10oz
14th  Jenny Drew  15 points 109lb 9oz
15th  Sharon White  13 points 101lb 15oz
16th  Ann Mawby  12 points 67lb 12oz
17th  Nuala Gray  10 points 72lb 13oz
18th  Sue Arkell  10 points 53lb 12oz
19th  Debbie Stevens 9 points 60lb 4oz
20th  Debbie Clarkson 9 points 45lb 4oz

Helen Dagnall makes it a clean sweep on maximum points for the second year running to once again take the victory. The three England internationals take the top three spots with just one point separating Helen from Wendy & Sam and Sam piped Wendy into second place with a superior weight.

Cash prizes go to the top five and additional sponsorship from Walls Solero means we were able to provide prizes for the top 8 anglers.

Wendy, Helen & Sam have also very generously sponsored a mystery weight prize each day for the ladies fishing and provided some great giveaways.

The festival attracted 20 ladies this year and next year we hope to attract even more so if you are a keen female anglers please get in contact with Kirsty to put your name down for this festival which will take part week commencing 2nd July 2011.

The fisheries team would like to express our thanks to Solero for once again sponsoring the event as well as all the ladies for making it such a friendly and enjoyable festival and congratulations to all of the ladies who fished especially our top three Helen Dagnall (Tri Cast Cheshire Angling), Sam Perkins (Dynamite Maver) and Wendy Locker (Tackle Locker Drennan)

See you all next year!