Angling Trust RiverFest qualifier on the River Trent at Burton on Trent

The RiverFest qualifier on the River Trent at Burton on Trent was held on Sunday 27th September 2015 with a roach bonanza recorded on Sherratts Farm section. The top ten weights were all roach on waggler and maggot.  There were odd double figures on the other sections, and very patchy.

Hadrian Whittle, on peg 18, fished 2 lines on waggler with bronze maggot. Swapping between the two to keep fish coming, for a weight of 28 lb 6 oz.   In second place was Keith Hobson, on peg 16, who fished waggler lose feeding for 24 lb 2 oz.   In third place was Tony Birt, with a weight of 22 lb 14 oz, again with waggler and maggot, on peg 19.

Top 5 results
1st  Hadrian Whittle 28 lb 6 oz  – Kamasan Starlets
2nd Keith Hobson 24 lb 2 oz – Drennan Barnsley Blacks
3rd  Tony Birt  22 lb 14 lb – DH Angling
4th  Jason Owen  22 lb 22 oz  – Coors AC
5th  Stewart Bell  20 lb 2 oz  -Maver Newman Scotts



2-9  John Urruty  3 lb 14 oz
11-22 Steve Hemingray  13 lb 10 oz

1-13  Tim Kinson  3 lb 4 oz
16-25 John Mills  9 lb 8 oz

2-10  Michael Buchwalder 5 lb 8 oz
12-20 Andrew Murphy   4 lb 10 oz

26-5  Dave Hollands  1 lb 10 oz
7-21  Paul Bicks 3 lb 13 oz

Sherratts/Ferry Bridge
11-15  Keith Weighall 17 lb 14 oz
16-20 Stewart Bell 20 lb 2 oz
21-1 Brian Jones 5 lb 14 oz
3-11 Scott Geens 15 lb 2 oz

The 3 anglers going through to the RiverFest grand final are; Hadrian Whittle (Kamasan Starlets); Michael Buchwalder (Preston Innovations) and Steve Hemingray (Drennan/Kamasan Starlets).

The next qualifier heads to the River Thames at Medley on Saturday 3rd October.