TOTAL-Fishing is teaming up with groundbait and bait firm Van den Eynde to offer users of the Coarse Forum the chance to win a case of bait from their extensive range.

All you have to do to win is come up with the best thread of the month, as chosen by Van den Eynde’s Mark Sawyer, who is a regular user of the board himself.

“I think there’s little doubt in the trade that Total-Fishing has the best discussion boards out there and what’s more some really top flight match anglers use the site.

“But I won’t be biased towards the competitive anglers. I’m just looking for the most creative, funniest or most informative thread on the site of the month and I’ll be monitoring the site every day if I can to make sure I don’t miss any threads.”

Possibly appropriately, the first competition kicks off on April 1st, and up for grabs is a case of Ringer’s Bag-Up Carp Groundbait, which is a fine mix based on fishmeal which is brilliant on carp dominated commercial waters either on its own or as an addition to a Method feeder mix.

The first winner will be announced on May 1st, when the prize will change to a box of Van den Eynde carp pellets….

So it’s simple, get your creative, intelligent or funny hats on, and get posting on the best coarse fishing discussion forum on the web –


The username of Mark’s current leader will be updated here throughout April.