WOODLAND View fishery owner Mike Mason has scotched rumours that he’s had a major fish kill at his Droitwich water.

Rumours have been spreading around the Midlands that he’s lost ‘skip loads’ of carp and that the water is closed, but Mike says they are simply not true.

“We have lost a few fish but that is standard at this time of year for a heavily-stocked water,” Mike said. “The fish are weak after the winter and when you get some warm weather followed by a colder snap, as we have done, deaths are inevitable.
“We have lost maybe 50 carp in total, mainly from
Arles Lake. The EA has visited and tested the water and everything is fine, and we know there are not dead fish on the bottom because the ammonia levels are spot on. The whole thing has been exaggerated out of all proportion.”

Mike told Midland Angler that he is checking all of his lakes daily and that if need be he will replace any lost fish from a four-tonne consignment of F1 hybrid carp he has had delivered.

These fish are at the time of writing destined for a new 100-peg venue Mike is getting involved in, and we will bring you more news of that water when we get it.


Midland Angler