England have put themselves in a great position to retain their World Feeder Champs gold medal after a superb Day One performance on Serbia’s Novisad Canal which saw them score just nine points, less than two points per man. 

Under the guidance of Tommy Pickering the team changed tactics during the match as it became clear that skimmers were the key fish, and they responded superbly.

Mick Vials, Steve Ringer, Phil Ringer and Adam Wakelin all won their sections, while Dean Barlow managed an impressive fifth from a difficult draw in  B section.

They are not home and hosed just yet with Germany on 11 points and Austria on 12, but they could hardly be in a stronger position:


World Feeder Fishing Champs 2016 
Novisad Canal, Serbia
Day One Selected Results

1st England – 9 points

2nd Germany – 11 points

3rd Austria – 12 points

4th Belarus – 17.5 points

5th Hungary – 19 points

6th France – 21 points