Savage Gear has won the Triple Crown for its eye-catching Suicide Duck lures at the 2016 EFTTEX show.
The range has won the ‘Best Innovation’, ‘Visitor’s Choice’ and ‘Best Hard Lure’ prizes at the Amsterdam event.
The new introduction, which mimics a duckling struggling across the surface, is part of the Savage Terrestrial range which also includes life-like ‘RAD’ (rat) plus ‘3D’ trout, pike, roach, eel and shrimp patterns.
“We can all make another shad or wobble,” says Mads Grosell, who headed up the project. “I wanted to make something different.”
“Even as a child I was so fascinated with the water rats and ducklings being eaten by pike in our local waters I always wanted to make perfect imitations.”

The Suicide Duck
Splashing bubble feet
Weedless rigging option
Snugfit hook clips
Belly landing balance
Two trying points
10cm (28gr) and 15cm (70gr) versions