Market leading VoD platform for high quality fishing content, Fishing TV, is in the initial stages of shaping one of the first ever global fishing events, World Fishing Day. At the heart of this initiative highlighting and celebrating the sport of angling, which is enjoyed by over 700m people worldwide, will be one of the most ambitious live broadcast projects ever undertaken.

The idea, born in their 10th year, will see Fishing TV partner with production companies, brands and fishing organisations globally, to deliver a network of free fishing events and to broadcast 24-hours of live fishing content to their audience.

Planned to take place in summer 2018, the broadcast will follow the sun and angling action around the world, showcasing the cultural significance and many health benefits of the sport, together with the importance of anglers’ efforts to wild fish conservation worldwide.

Users of the Fishing TV platform will be able to experience a wide range of entertaining, informative and aspirational content across the 24-hour stream, including competitions, fishing tips, different styles and techniques, and conversations about threatened species, environmental issues and interviews with a range of experts.

Fishing TV’s Commercial Director, Ed Burgass, says: “We feel that World Fishing Day is a brilliant way of highlighting and celebrating the most popular ‘participation’ sport on the planet.

From its inception, Fishing TV has been an innovative platform, embracing technology in both its production values and approach to distribution. We’re taking this to the next level with World Fishing Day by creating the biggest and most inclusive fishing event that the world has ever seen and broadcasting it live through our platform to a potential audience of millions.

With an estimated 750M recreational anglers worldwide and with celebrities such as Chris Pratt, David Beckham, Rita Ora and Emma Watson proclaiming their love for the sport and social influencers like Marina Gibson and April Vokey inspiring a younger and cooler generation of anglers, the angling community is a lucrative one for brands to be targeting.

Our hope is that the industry rallies behind this event and uses it as an opportunity to engage lapsed anglers and attract new people into the sport. Offering unbeatable deals on tackle and fishing in the same way as Black Friday or Amazon’s Prime Day is an example of how this could be achieved.”

All the action across World Fishing Day will be anchored from a London-based studio hub, with a host of angling experts and celebrity guests present throughout the 24-hour event. A network of free fishing events will also take place around the world on the same day, with a view to encouraging people to get out fishing and introducing new people to the sport.

Fishing TV have already confirmed a stellar raft of collaborators and ambassadors for World Fishing Day, and are working to engage further global production partners, angling organisations and personalities.

Charitable organisations that have been confirmed as collaborators for the event include The Angling Trust, The Wild Trout Trust and the Atlantic Salmon Trust.

Leading global ICT solutions company Ericsson will be helping Fishing TV to deliver the live broadcast via their Unified Delivery Network, and further confirmed production partners include Garlands, Trickbox and G&T Productions.

Fishing TV have also confirmed some fantastic names from the world of angling and celebrity ambassadors for World Fishing Day, including professional angler and TV presenter Matt Hayes, professional fly fisher and TV presenter April Vokey, professional carp angler and journalist Ian “Chilly” Chillcott, professional angler Marina Gibson, English actor and angling fanatic James Murray and, perhaps Germany’s most famous professional angler, TV presenter, Babs Kijewski.

Partner, ambassador and sponsorship applications for World Fishing Day are now being accepted via the website and further details about the content of the live broadcast event will be revealed in the coming months.

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The Angling Trust, Chief Executive, Mark Lloyd: “With hundreds of millions of anglers on a predominantly blue planet, it’s surprising that no-one has come up with the idea of a world fishing day before. The Angling Trust is excited by the concept and looks forward to working with Fishing TV to explore how we can contribute to this initiative to celebrate the immense joy of fishing and all the benefits it brings to individuals, communities, economies and the environment throughout the world.”

The Wild Trout Trust, Director, Sam Leonard: “Wild Trout Trust works tirelessly to ensure that wild trout around the UK and Ireland have the clean water and ecologically diverse habitats that they need to survive. Our work with local conservation organisations and angling societies has shown us the impact that small groups of dedicated and motivated anglers can have. That’s why we’re so excited about World Fishing Day: it offers a fantastic opportunity to sing the praises of these groups and to encourage more people to take a hand in protecting the fish that they love.”

Atlantic Salmon Trust, Executive Director, Sarah Bayley Slater: “Wild Atlantic salmon are a truly iconic species that are threatened by a number of different factors. An event like World Fishing Day represents an unparalleled opportunity to highlight the risks facing salmon and what can be done to protect them for generations to come.”

Ericsson, representative: “Ericsson is delighted to be working with Fishing TV on World Fishing Day Live, which will be delivered via our UDN into Fishing TV’s web, app and Smart TV platforms. This is a truly ambitious project and we’re intent on making World Fishing Day a big success.”

Matt Hayes, professional angler and TV presenter: “I’ve known Fishing TV for several years though we’ve never managed to work together until now. I was really excited when they approached me with the idea of World Fishing Day and can’t wait to be involved. Through angling I’ve travelled the world on many adventures and can’t wait for people to experience the beautiful locations first-hand via the WFD live streams. I’m convinced this event will get people hooked and become a highlight in the sporting calendar.”

April Vokey, professional fly fisher and TV presenter: “As someone who didn’t come from a fishing family, finding like-minded people and activities was once very hard for me. One of the many reasons I fish is because I believe fishing is one of the last activities we as human beings can participate in that is as old as we are a species. My hope is that World Fishing Day will bring communities together and inspire a new generation to discover the joys and beauty of this sport, just as I have been fortunate enough to do.”

Ian Chillcott, professional carp angler and journalist: “Probably the most fantastic idea I’ve ever heard of, and it’s simply amazing that it hasn’t been done before! I hope that everyone in the world of fishing will get involved. From the biggest brands to the guys and girls on the bank, there will be many ways to get involved… and who wouldn’t want to be part of such a massive occasion? I’m so proud to support the World Fishing Day and encourage everyone to do the same.”

Babs Kijewski, German professional angler and TV presenter: “This could be like Christmas for anglers – we can give the gift of fishing to all the people who’ve never tried it!”

James Murray, English actor: “For some, religion is the answer. For others, it’s the bottle. For me, it’s fly fishing.”